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What type of survey do I require?

There are several different types of survey and the criteria for each will be different depending on the purpose for which it is required. However, in the main the survey will be a detailed inspection of the boat hull, its superstructure and the mechanical equipment fitted. For further detailed information about the survey that you require please contact us.

Pre-Purchase Survey:

The purchasing of a boat is generally at the uppermost end of anyone’s expenditure, so it pays to know what you are buying to avoid expensive repairs or maintenance at a later date. The purpose of the pre-purchase survey is to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions relating to the vessel and to evaluate its general condition prior to purchase. Our role as your Marine Surveyor is to examine all aspects of the vessel and report to you on its condition and to determine any work or repairs that may need doing. The survey will follow a detailed checklist of items to ensure that the vessel is inspected as far as access will allow and to give a structured, comprehensive report. With the pre-purchase survey you are buying the expertise to help you make sensible choice of vessel and the ‘peace of mind’ in knowing that the vessel is structurally sound. Rest assured that the report will be in plain English and will be helpful in your negotiations with the broker or to raise finance and insurance on the vessel at a later date.

Insurance Survey:

An insurance survey is generally required as a condition of contract with your insurance company. This may be due to the vessel’s age, the size of the craft or to the general policy of the insurer.  Insurance surveys do not place as much emphasis on the detail items found in the pre-purchase survey reports and will place more focus on the structural and safety related items. Although offering the same attention to detail as our pre-purchase surveys but producing a more concise report, this is the preferred option for insurers dealing with a high volume of information. Due to the reduced time producing the report the survey cost is appropriately lower.

Valuation Survey:

A valuation may be required for many different reasons and we are pleased to offer this service to our clients. The primary objective of this service is for insurance purposes but it may also be required for financing, for probate and litigation disputes or simply to keep abreast of the value of your asset.

Hull and bulkhead survey:

The hull and bulkhead survey is restricted to the inspection of the submerged hull and external stern gear together with inspection of the internal hull areas and bulkheads where access is possible. The survey will focus on the physical condition of the hull, internal structure and bulkhead attachments but will not be as detailed as a pre- purchase survey report. This type of survey can be cost-effective in comparison to full condition survey reports due to the limited scope of items covered.